What brings people to the movie theater? Movie trailers! And, that’s why I composed a list of all the best movie trailers.

I’m taking a different approach for making this list. The first part will include all the trailers I loved. And, the second part will be my top five of the best movie trailers of all time.

There a lot of trailers, so it’s possible that I might have forgotten one. Also worth mentioning, the movie can be bad, as long as the trailer is good.

Best Movie Trailers

I’m first going to start with all Comic Book movie trailers, as there is a lot to cover. The moviemakers know how to release a trailer to excite the fans. Therefore, it is no wonder that many made this list.

Important to keep in mind, some of the comic book movies are in the top five. Therefore you must scroll further to see which movie made it.

Avengers: Infinity War – Official Trailer

JOKER – Teaser Trailer

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Watchmen Official trailer

Watchmen is still one of the most underrated movies.

Suicide Squad – Official Trailer

I had so high hopes for this one, but the movie did not live up to its hype. Bummer! But, the trailer still kicks ass.

X-men Days of Future Past – Offical Trailer

That last scene still gives me chills down my spine

Deadpool Trailer

Man of Steel – Official Trailer 3

Guardians of the Galaxy – Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises – Official Trailer 3

That’s enough for the comic book movie trailers. From now on, I’m going to list all the other trailers.

Some movies made us excited without counting on relying on a fan base. So buckle up for some more awesome trailers.

1917 – Official Trailer

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John Wick – Official Trailer

When I saw this trailer, I was immediately sold. Who would have known that this was the beginning of an awesome franchise.

Alien – Trailer

Nightcrawler – Trailer

I feel like not enough people have seen this film, and it’s a shame. Not only does Nightcrawler have a great trailer, the movie is phenomenon.

IT – Official Teaser Trailer

Inception – Official Trailer

Straight Outta Compton – Official Trailer

Well, I do love some Old School Hip Hop, and this trailer got me excited.

The Matrix – Trailer

Pulp Fiction – Official Trailer

Signs – Trailer

TOP 5 of the best movie trailers

It’s time for the last five. My favorite five movie trailers of all time!

5. Dark Knight Trailer

When this trailer dropped, a lot of fans jaws dropped by Heath Ledger’s Joker.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

Awesome movie with an awesome trailer!

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3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer

The movie may be a disappointment to many, but you can’t deny its incredible trailer. I never got so excited for watching a Batman film in my life.

2. Logan – Official Trailer

Not only is it one of my favorite movie trailers ever, but also one my favorite comic book movies. The best ending I could have wished for the Wolverine.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Official Trailer

Honestly, this is the best trailer ever. Even if the new trilogy isn’t as good as the original. The music in this one makes you feel nostalgic. And, the trailer is the best I’ve ever experienced in my life.

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Are there any other trailers that I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comment section down below.

I made a playlist on YouTube with all the trailers I’ve mentioned in this post. Click here for the playlist.