Movie Plot – Superman III (1983): Ross Webster discovers a computer genius. He decides to abuse his intellectual skills and hires him to wipe out his competitors.

Director: Richard Lester
Writers: David Newman , Leslie Newman
Cast: Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, Margot Kidder, Annette O’Toole, Robert Vaughn, Pamela Stephenson

Is this a Superman III (1983) movie or a parody?

Right from the start, everything turns out to be something funny. It’s like the writers wanted to create a good comedy, instead of a real Superman III movie.

The opening of Superman III (1983) feels like you’re watching a Charlie Chaplin movie. It’s all a series of funny gimmicks.

And, that’s only the beginning. The entire plot of the villains is laughable. Ross Webster, a multimillionaire, hires this computer genius, Gus Gorman. He plans to hi-jack a satellite that controls the weather. Not only does that plan sounds “stupid,” Gus Gorman was a computer trainee some weeks ago. He became a genius instantly.

The lake scene was another cringy moments. So a place is on fire, and Superman flies over to a lake. Then, he freezes a part of it to go back. Because for some kind of reason, that will make the place rain?

And this scene wasn’t even the worse part. I give that award to the oil scene with the ship.

Th evil Superman

That’s enough for my rant on the Superman III (1983) parody. Let’s start with the good part.

In this film, Superman turns bad after being exposed to “fake” kryptonite. He even fails to save someone because of it. Well, this is something I disliked too, as it doesn’t seem to affect him.

BUT I did love his suit. I thought he looked badass thanks to the darker colors. Also, drunk Superman? For some kind of reason, I liked that part. Now, for the best part. The fight between him, Evil Superman vs. the Good Clark Kent, was exciting to see. When the battle starts, I felt myself cheering for the good side. And that’s a good thing.

Once he defeated his dark side, he went to fix all the troubles he caused. As mentioned before, one being the silly oil scene.

This part was way better than the last fight. I have no words to describe how terrible the ending was. You have to see that for yourselves.

Lana Lang in Superman III

A new love interest

Lois Lane seems to be forgotten in this film, as she takes a trip. However, Clark Kent does get another love interest from Smallville. And, I’m not even mad.

For instance, I felt that they had good chemistry. Mostly thanks to the charming Christopher Reeve. It’s like he can use his charms from the first and second movies, in any other film.

By the way, her name is Lana Lang. She was one of Clark’s ex-classroom friends. Now, she’s broken up with her ex husband, who is the father of her kid. And she felt that Clark was the one guy that got away. The one with who she could have had a bright future.

At the end of Superman III, she moves to Metropolis. Above all, she joins the daily planet, and Lois Lane returns from her trip. So now, Superman has two potential love interests to choose from.

Superman III (1983) Conclusion

This film was definitely laughable compared to the first two films. I think a fan would still enjoy this film somehow. Especially if they’re a Christopher Reeve fan. His acting is still intact despite the lousy script.