Watching movies is something we people do on a regular basis. You can make those moments unique by creating an unforgettable movie night with family.

But you don’t know what to do? I know the feeling, and I came up with some suggestions. Not only will I tell you how you can set up your movie night, but I will also recommend some family movies.

Ideas for a perfect movie night with family

I will first start with some suggestions on how to create a comfortable movie night. After that, I will give some movie suggestions.

Pajama party

Everybody should wear his favorite pajama!

And no! A lousy t-shirt with some sweatpants or shorts does not count! An onesie is also acceptable.

Wearing a pajama will increase your movie experience as you all sit together as a lovely family. Don’t be afraid to mix colors with your clothes. Or, you can also make a rule that everyone has to wear the same colors.

There are so many options, but the creative choice around this subject is yours! It’s up to you to create the best movie night.

Popcorn for the family

Honestly, what is a movie night without some good popcorn?

I could tell you to buy some popcorn from the supermarket but don’t if you want to make it extra special. Instead, make it yourself.

Do you have a popcorn maker? If yes, that’s great, and you should use it. If not, there are tons of methods to create your own popcorn. All you need is oil, kernels, and a pot. You can add salt, sugar, or butter to your liking.

Feel free to look up some recipes on the internet.

Dim the lights and use candles

Candles are always a great go-to option to improve any experience. It can be romantic, cozy, and relaxing.

So why not use it for a movie night? Light your favorite candles up and make it all dark. And if your family is old enough for a horror movie, then it’s even better. But if they are still small kids, I would not recommend this at all.

Another idea is to mix it up with Christmas lights. Even if it is not the winter period, you should still use them. There are also options like lanterns or a fireplace.

No Phone Rule

This obligation is the most important rule of them all. All phones should be prohibited during the entire movie night.

Everyone should enjoy the moment without being distracted by their phones. To make it even better, lock the phones up somewhere safe. That way, you know nobody will be able to cheat.

You can get your phone back once the movie is over.

Order pizza for the entire family

Are you feeling lazy and don’t want to cook?

Don’t overcomplicate things, and order some pizza. Almost everyone loves it, so why not?

You can order different pizzas and let everyone take pieces of different pizzas. That is the best way to try out new flavors.

The perfect movie night should not always be complicated!

Decorate the house for the perfect movie night with family

Spice things up! If it is a holiday period, even better. That should make things easier for you as you can decorate the house according to the holiday.

You can also decorate according to a specific theme of a movie. If you’re watching a superhero movie, add some hero elements to your decoration. A superhero pillow, a hero symbol, or anything else you can think of.

Is it a movie with animals? Grab all your teddy bears and put them everywhere, on the couch, table, next to the tv, and etc.

Watch a movie outside with family

Movie Night Outside

The best way to watch a movie is to set up your installment outside. 

This set up isn’t for everyone, as the weather has to be good and you need a garden for this. Otherwise, you can still look for a friend with a garden who wants to join in. Another recommendation is to have a projector with a whiteboard.

Once you’re installed, get your blankets, take some comfy seating, and put on a movie. It’s super cozy and chill, your family will love it.

Movie Quiz

There are different ways to make a movie quiz. Try to be creative with this one. But, no worries. I will give you some suggestions:

  • Movie Questions: the only requirement for this method is to have already seen the movie beforehand. Some movies are classic that you would just know by heart. You create questions for your family and write it down on cards. The one with the most answers wins the game. You can always consult the internet to provide you questions.
  • Movie Opinions: share your opinions by asking them. Who was your favorite character? And tell them why. That will give you a great bonding time as you learn from each other’s perceptions.
Movie night with family

Movies suggestions for a movie night with family

This is the part where I will give you some recommendations to pick your movie. I also created a post on this topic, and you can click here to read it.

But I will give you some additional content on this post suitable for your family.

Movie Roulette

Ask every family member to write down up to three movies on separate small pieces of paper. Put them all in a jar, and the youngest pick one out of it.

The owner of that piece of paper is the lucky winner, and that will be the movie of the night.

Sidenote: try to keep those films family-friendly, dad!

Disney Movie Marathon

Everybody loves Disney movies, if not, then you must be a salty person!

Watch many Dinsey Movies on one go! You can start from scratch with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and climb your way up until the last one. Of course, you will have to do this on multiple nights.

A lot of these films are educational for kids. And, not only is it educational, but it will give you as a parent a lot of nostalgia.

My movie suggestions

I write a lot of reviews on this blog, and I have some recommendations for your next family film. Feel free to click on any link to read my review on it.

These are all great picks, and they are all suitable for all ages. Honestly, I’m a real Pixar fan, so I would highly recommend you to see every one of their films. The movies are made for kids, but at the same time, they also want to please the older audience, which I think is great.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions to create your perfect movie night with family. Leave some of your ideas/ suggestions in the comment section down below!