Sony Pictures has plans for making a One Punch Man Live-Action Movie from the famous Japanese manga series. The story will be written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner.

The worldwide hit manga series “One Punch Man” will get its own Live-Action Movie

Many manga fans around the globe love the One Punch Man manga series. A Japanese Artist “One” created the series in 2009. In a matter of fact, it started out as a webcomic that quickly went viral.

Later on, it got its own animated TV show in 2015. In the meantime, you can watch this show on Netflix with English Dubbing.

The premise is simple. One Punch Man follows the story of a superhero named Saitama, who can defeat everyone with a single punch. In spite of defeating his opponents with ease, he looks for someone worthy to challenge him.

According to a report from Variety: Insiders at Sony say that the company is very high on the property given its a very popular show. Also, it sets out possibilities for sequels.

Sony Pictures is teaming up with Arad’s Company, Arad Production to develop the One Punch Live Action Movie. Not only did Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner wrote Venom, but they also wrote the recent Jumanji films.

My own opinion

I have only seen the first season of the animated series. And, I can tell you that the premise may seem silly, but somehow they make it work. It’s funny, entertaining and the action is spectacular.

As much as I love the anime, I’m always wary about movie adaptations of a Japanese anime. There hasn’t been one adaptation that was awesome, but I’m still hoping that it will turn out to be a good film.

I’m definitely going to see when it comes out. It does not matter if it’s bad or good, I just have to see it.