Do you want to watch a movie online with a friend or lover, but they’re not near you? There are some great solutions to watch movies or tv shows online with your friends together.

Watching a movie on your own can be lonely. This guide will help you out to chose your best option.

To use these apps, you will need a subscription. Some of these services are an extension on top of your existing subscription.

Watch a movie with a friend online

Watch a movie with a friend

Netflix Party

Sync up your streams with your friends by using the Netflix Party extension. This will also add a live chat on one side of the screen. With this, you will be able to watch a movie with a friend online.

Obviously, you will need a Netflix subscription. This app is only usable on Chrome.

Steps for hosting a Netflix Party:

    • Download the chrome extension
    • Open up Netflix and play a movie/ tv show
    • Click on your Netflix Party Extension next to your address bar. (It should be a red icon when Netflix is open.)
    • A window will pop up with instructions to “create a Netflix Party.”
    • Chose to have full control, or leave it open to everyone
    • Click “Start the party.”
    • Another window will open with a link. You can share this link with your friends so they can join the party.
    • Everyone will get an icon. You can always change your icon by clicking on it



Before, I introduce Metastream, you have to know it is a new extension and is still in its beta phase. So there could be some technical problems here and there. Metstream is still another way to watch a movie with a friend online.

You can watch movies on a range of platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Twitch, and Crunchyroll.

Steps for hosting a Metastream Party:

  • Download the extension: Firefox/ Chrome
  • Navigate to
  • Type a display name and click “Get Started.”
  • Click “Start Session.”
  • Click “Invite.” This will give you a link to share with your friends.
  • Then, click on “Copy,” and the link is ready to be sent to your friends.
  • Optional: you can make a session Public/ Private/ Offline or change the numbers of allowed users
  • Your friends can join the session by clicking the link. On the left of your screen, you will see a box with their names. You will have to green check them.
  • You can arrange your screen if you want to. Click the three dots “…” at the right-bottom of your screen.
  • Optional: change your avatar and username by clicking on the cog icon
  • Now it’s time to add a movie by clicking on “Add Media.” Paste the Url and click on “Add Session”  OR click on one of the video sources in the middle of the screen. Find the video you want on that source screen. Then click “Add to the Session.”



First of all, Scener only works for Netflix. It lets you video chat while watching Netflix. Second, you can meet up to 10 friends and enjoy it.

Steps for hosting a Scener party:

  • Download the Chrome Extension
  • Click on your Scener Extension next to your address bar.
  • Open Netflix
  • Create a Private Group
  • You can type your own group name and then click “Next.”
  • Now you will receive a link that you can share with your friends. Invite them by copying the link and send it to them.
  • Once everyone joined the party, you can start watching the film by clicking on “Watch together.”
  • Extra: click on settings: here you can enable the camera and your microphone. This is useful if you want to see and hear your friends.
  • Extra: you can also add friends on Scener if they have an account



TwoSeven allows you to video watch while watching a movie on the next platforms: Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and Vimeo. You can also watch Hulu and Disney Plus with this extension, but those are with a subscription.

Steps for hosting a TwoSevn Party:

  • Download the Extension: Firefox/ Chrome
  • Create an account. You will have to click on the extension icon, and this will bring you to their website. Once created, you will receive a mail to confirm.
  • Click on the icon next to the address bar, then click on “Go to”
  • Then, click on “Get Started.” Select “Account” to change your profile settings.
  • Click “Start Watching.”
  • A pop-up window will open. You can create a private room. Here you can choose what rights every user can have. Once your selection is made, click “Just Me.”
  • Click on the icon (with two people and a plus) in the top right corner. Click on “Copy Link,” and you will be able to invite your friends by sending them the link.
  • Extra: click on the camera/ microphone icons to enable video/audio
  • Extra: click on “Messages” for a live chat feature
  • Now you can choose your video source, and this will open to your source home screen where you can start watching a movie.
  • For YouTube: you will have to paste in the URLs.


Other applications

There are still some other great applications you can use to watch films online. Here you will find a list with other apps you can use. Feel free to check them out.

  • Kast: You can video chat, study, and watch movies.
  • Watch2Gether: create your own room, and you can catch Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud
  • Let’s Gaze: Gaze lets you watch videos with people who are far away. It’s useful to watch YouTube videos together.
  • The Rabbit™ Video Syncing App: Rabbit allows you to share your entire browser dashboard. This will almost cover every platform.