Movie Plot – The Invisible Man: Cecilia flees from her abusive ex, who later on takes his own life. Or did he? She suspects he faked his death as she’s being hunted by someone invisible.

Director: Leigh Whannell
Writers: Leigh Whannell, Leigh Whannell
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer

The escape before the Invisible man

Right from the start, Cecillia (Elisabeth Moss) is trying to escape her ex house while he is still asleep.

We immediately understand what is going on,  without having any dialogue besides her whispering “Adrian” to check if he is still asleep.

Adrian is abusive, controlling, and is someone who Cecillia is afraid of. She fears him so much that she had to come up with an escape plan in their own house. She packs her bag, walks silently, and that sets the tone.

The set up from these scenes were brilliantly executed. We’re gripped and feel like we want her to escape without even knowing the character.

Is he dead or is he the Invisible Man?

When she escaped, she stayed over at a friend’s house. This to prevent her ex from finding her. She was even afraid to exit the house in case of being seen by him.

It’s crazy to see how an abusive man can damage a woman physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of domestic violence in the real world.

Elisabeth Moss plays her role really well. You can tell that her character is emotionally damaged through her portrayal. When you see her face in this film, you just know that she has been through a lot.


So, first of all, the next part isn’t a spoiler as it was shown in the trailer.

A couple of days after her escape, the death of her ex has been confirmed. This somehow relieves her as the threat should be over. But Cecilia’s rehabilitation is cut short by the sudden intrusion of an invisible man. Her ex has found a way of becoming invisible.

It’s actually terrifying when you can’t see someone. You never know if you’re alone or not, or if he’s watching you when you’re around other people. Even the camera angles make you feel someone could be in the room.

Obviously, when Cecilia is trying to look for help, no one believes her. At the same time, you can’t blame the others. If I was in their shoes, I would probably have thought she was going insane. Like most people, I need to see it first before I believe it. Which makes this film even better as you can’t show someone invisible.

Some scenes really took me by surprise as I did not see them coming.

The third part of the film

Overall, I genuinely enjoy the movie. The last part of the film was packed with action and also other stuff, but it was somehow the least interesting part.

And, I’m not saying it was terrible, I was more intrigued by the slow building of the tension. The feeling of not being safe anywhere. Cecilla’s ex was in control the entire time, and it was insane how he is pulling strings.


The invisible man is A nail-biting thriller that has more to offer than providing simple thrills.

3.5 stars