Movie Plot – Superman Red Son: What if Superman landed in the Soviet Union and grew up during the cold war? This an Elseworld’s tale based on the Graphic Novel from Mark Miller.

Director: Sam Liu
Writer: JM DeMatteis
Cast: Jason Isaacs, Amy Acker, Diedrich Bader, Roger Craig Smith, Vanessa Marshall, Paul Williams

Superman the Red Son from the Soviet Union

The Man of Steel is known to be the American Hero who stands for truth justice and the American way.

This time, he is raised in the Soviet Union and wants to support the state at first with his idealism of communism. Later on, he becomes a dictator of what he believes is right for the people.

I love Elseworld’s stories, it’s another way to approach the heroes. They still keep the good nature of Superman, but it’s influenced by his life experience. Therefore he is on a totally different path.

Adaptation of the Graphic Novel

Like most DC movie adaptions, some things are changed. There is a different rogue gallery, the ending is a bit different.

Batman is more violent in this one. I loved that approach for some reason because it worked for what they were going for.

Most people that have read the Novel disliked the movie but I thought it was great. I’m okay with some little changes, as long as the big picture is still the same.

Unlike Batman: Hush, where they changed the main villain’s identity. That just ruined the entire story about the Novel. Don’t ever do that, DC!

The American Way

The biggest downside to Superman: Red Son is that they try to tell you the American Way is the good way.

It’s a lot of American propaganda that they stand for freedom and want to protect it all cost. At the same time, it feels to me like they’re shielding its own ugly truth of self-interest.

But I’m not going to go too political with this movie review. I just think the story outbalanced both parties.

Every system has its flaws.


Superman: Red Son is a great adaption, but it still has some preferences towards the American system.

Animated movies are often overlooked. So don’t give these films a pass. On the contrary, you can mix these films with live-action films like Superman 1978 for a movie marathon.

3.5 stars