Everybody has heard of Will Smith, if you’re a movie lover or not, it’s impossible not to know him. He is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars.

Will Smith’s career path is pretty incredible. He went from rapper to becoming a TV Star known as Fresh Prince of Belair. Afterward, he became a movie star and became famous thanks to his many roles in the ’90s.

Today, the man is still unstoppable and is still acting. With that said, it’s time to rank Will Smith’s 7 best movies.

7 Best movies of Will Smith


7. Hitch

Relationship problems? Hitch is your man! Will Smith plays a relationship expert who can get any man the date he dreams of.

But when it comes to his own life, he has difficulties with his own romance with Eva Mendes. The movie works as a fun rom-com.


6. I, Robot

Some of you may wonder why this movie made my “6 best movies of Will Smith” list. I really enjoyed this film.

It had some of the best action of Smith’s career.

A revolutionary tech wizard is found dead, presumed to have committed suicide. Spooner, played by Will Smith, suspects fou play. His prime suspect: Sonny, a robot.


5. Bad boys

The first Bad boys’ movie convinced us that Will Smith could do action.

In this Michael Bay film, Will Smith partner up with Martin Lawrence. It’s really their chemistry that is so beloved. They are funny, entertaining, and so damn “bad.”


4. Bad Boys for Life

This is Will Smith’s latest movie on the list. I enjoyed it more than the first Bad Boys movie.

It had a more emotional impact on the characters, while still being a fantastic action movie.

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3. Men in Black

The first film that pops in my mind when I hear Will Smith is, without a doubt, Men in Black.

The sci-fi action-comedy also stars Tommy Lee Jones. Together they are in a race against time to find one evil alien and stop him.

Men in Black will forever be a classic.


2. Independence day

Another alien movie!

Will Smith is the leading man, playing as a cool awesome air force pilot. He has to defend earth after a huge alien invasion, fighting extraterrestrials space ships.

Independence day made sure he became an a-list Hollywood actor.


1. The Pursuit of Happyness

One of his best roles was Chris Gardner, a multi-millionaire man that started out as a homeless man.

This film takes place during his dark time, while still raising a toddler (Jaden Smith.) Will plays a struggled man who is trying to find his way in life to be happy.

Will Smith had to face his toughest and heartbreaking scenes. Fighting poverty is still a huge threat that a lot of people have to fight.

The Pursuit of Happyness is his most emotional film to this day, and therefore also my favorite Will Smith movie.

These were the best of Will Smith Movies. What is your favorite film?

Blogpost was updated on 17 March 2020