DC Comics has a lot of interesting characters. Some of them have never been seen on the big screen. With the DCEU still being in the early phase, new characters can be brought in to the universe. And these are my suggestions of who deserve their own movies.

These are seven characters I would want to see in their own movie.

DC characters who deserve their own movies



We already had “Suicide Squad” and “The Joker” as villain movies. So why not give us a “Deathstroke” movie?

Deathstroke has already been introduced in the DCEU in a credit scene of the “Justice League.” We did not get a lot of his backstory yet. Thus this is the perfect opportunity to explore it.

How awesome would it be to see “Deathstroke” taking some killing contracts on and see him in action? His fighting skills, combined with his sword style, is what every DC fan is hoping to see.


Green Arrow

DC already announced that the movie and TV universe are separate. Stephen Amell is an excellent choice for Green Arrow, but bringing a new fresh take on this hero won’t hurt. Give us someone new for the movie universe.

I would like to see a different approach, a more comedic approach. Back in the days when the “Justice League” animated series was out, Green Arrow was not as a dark character as in the TV show. Instead, he felt more “lightly,” he had a chill and comedic vibe to him.

Green Arrow should be an enjoyable movie to see.


Red Hood

It is highly speculated that “Jason Todd” has been murdered in the DCEU because of the scene of his suit in “Batman v Superman.”

The Bat-family has so many interesting characters that could have their own movie. Red Hood is, without a doubt, one of them.

This character’s origin is dark. Jason Todd has been killed violently by the Joker and has been brought back to life thanks to Ra’s Al Ghul.

After realizing that the Joker is still around, he cuts every tie loose with Batman. His anger towards Batman for not killing the Joker leads him to a path of violence and destruction. Every enemy he encounters, he is prepared to kill them.



My favorite Batfamily member is, without a doubt, Dick Grayson, also known as the first Robin. The first boy wonder grows up to become Nightwing.

The setting of the DCEU is perfect for having an older Dick Grayson, who has already been Nightwing for a couple of years. This character has charisma, detective skills, and is a brilliant acrobat.

Give us a detective movie with some flashbacks to his origin story. This does not need to be an entire origin story. Some glimpses of his past will help the general audience to know more about his history.


Booster Gold

I have enjoyed the “Shazam” movie. If they can pull that off, a “Booster Gold” movie should be an opportunity to explore lesser-known characters. And this is why he’s on my list of 7 DC characters who deserve their own movies.

Michael Jon Carter is a superhero from the future. He traveled to our time to become a hero with his futuristic gadgets. Booster Gold seeks glory to get some fame and create a reputation for himself.

This would be a perfect comedy movie. I would like to see Nathan Fillian take on this role, as he’s also a comic book fan. He would be the ideal fit as he nails the comedic aspect of Booster Gold. The only concern would be his age, but I would be okay with it.


Black Canary

Everybody knows the powerful “Wonder Woman,” but what about “Black Canary?” She is one of my favorite female superheroes.

I was never a fan of the “Black Canary” approach in the Arrow TV show because she did not feel like the Canary I know from the comics.

She is one of the most likable kick-ass characters. The “Black Canary” her martial arts are top-notch and is not be underestimated.

Her relationship with Green Arrow is one of the best in the DC universe. They always tease each other in a fun way. It is something that the TV show failed to do.


Batman Beyond

The only crime fighter I do not want to see in the DCEU is “Batman Beyond.” Instead, I prefer to have an else-where story as this takes place in the future.

An old Bruce Wayne is taking Terry McGinnis under his hood for taking the mantle over. Batman Beyond was one of my favorite animated tv-shows. And it is worthy of having its own live-action movie.

The setting could be a mixture of “Black Panther” and “Blade Runner.” We could get to see some cool new tech, open to the imagination of the writers. Seeing some new gadgets brought into action would be awesome.


I hope you enjoyed my list of 7 DC characters who deserve their own movies. Let me know in the comments down below who you want to see on film.