Movie Plot – The Disaster Artist: Ever wonder how “The room” movie came to existence? The story behind “Tommy Wiseau” and his unique friendship with Greg Sestero. Together they travel to Hollywood to pursue their dreams.

Director: James Franco
Writers: Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, Greg Sestero, Tom Bissell
Cast: James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie

Should you first watch “The room” before The Disaster Artist?

Is it a must?


Do I recommend it?

Yes, highly. Or you should at least know what it is about. Otherwise, this movie will confuse you. Just be aware, this is the worst movie that was ever made.

The Room was so bad, it became a cult movie for all movie lovers.

The movie hits on a lot of recognizable scenes and features of “The room.” When I watched Tommy Wiseau’s film for the first time, many questions popped up.

Why? How? Who comes up with this? You cannot comprehend the mind behind it. I never expected a biography coming out about this.

James Franco The Disaster Artist

James Franco as Tommy Wiseau.

When I heard James Franco was going to direct a movie about Tommy Wiseau, I thought it was a joke. Was this going to be another parody kind of movie?

Well, it is not a parody. It is more of a comedy with some drama.

James Franco nailed it as Tommy Wiseau. He took this role very seriously and embraced it. It felt like I was watching the real Tommy on the screen.

And this is not a movie to make fun of the man. There was a human side to it as well. When the audience reacted differently, Tommy expected, it was heartbreaking. He was not skilled to become a director, but I have to give him props for pursuing his dreams. Nothing stopped him, and that is admiring.

His brother Dave Franco is playing Greg Sestero, Tommy’s friend. Funny side notes: the real Greg Sestero also has a cameo in this film. The story is based on the book Greg wrote about them.

Oh hi, Mark

We get to revisit some iconic, hilarious scenes. Expect to see famous quotes like:

  • Oh hi, Mark
  • You are tearing me apart, Lisa
  • I’m so happy I have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much
  • Why, Lisa, why, why?!

All these scenes are funny without them feeling forced upon us.


Disaster Artist is surprisingly good with a solid performance of James Franco. He surely had a blast making this one, but he was still committed to giving us a good movie.

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3.5 stars