A lot of people have been waiting on a “Black Widow” movie for so long. Now we are finally getting one! Better late than never.

I was never totally sold to have a “Black Widow” movie. The thought of having one was unnecessary for me. But, I was wrong … This trailer knocked me over my seat and got me excited!

A strong female lead

We need more movies with strong female characters. The comic book world is packed with it. Wonder Woman was one of the best DC movies. That film proves to me that female characters can work on the big screen.

Black Widow’s character has been established over the years. She has been loved by many fans. Making a movie about her makes sense, but a bit late due to the events of “Endgame”.

David Harbour, a superhero?

I did not expect to see David Harbour in this trailer. He looks so likable and he is probably gonna be my favorite character. Maybe I am just buyest because I love him as Hopper in “Stranger Things”.

Another shocker!? Black Widow has a sister. I did not know she had one. I guess that she is not living through this. Why? Because she has never been referenced. But that is just my guess.