Movie Plot – Knives out: Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is trying to solve the mystery behind the death of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). The fatherly figure of the family committed suicide by slitting his own throat. Or did he?

Director: Rian Johnson
Writer: Rian Johnson
Cast: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Christopher Plummer

Knives Out family

A family with a huge star cast in Knives out!

The casting is insane. So many familiar faces as Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Christopher Plummer, etc.

Every family member is a viable suspect. The relatives are all consumed by grief and selfishness. They all have possible motives to have killed Harlen. I found myself trying to solve the mystery myself, but as always, everyone could have done it.

“Knives Out” has a unique take on “the who has done it” genre. This is hard to explain without spoiling anything. It does not only stop at the cause of his death. It is about what lead to this particular situation and because of who and why. This must sound confusing, but this will clear up after watching the movie.


I suspect foul play – Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is taking a different approach as we know him. He is using a distinctive southern accent for his character’s role. This did not work for me, but a lot of people liked it. Besides his odd way of talking, I was still grasped by his unique performance. I also believe he had a lot of fun with this role.

Even if he was not the main character, he still felt like the centerpiece of the film. I was looking forward to seeing more scenes with him. As he investigates, we get more valuable information for solving the crime.

The death of Harlan Thrombey is to be questioned. Benoit Blanc received a paid invitation to investigate the matter. Thus he started to interrogate everyone who was at the birthday party. During those conversations, we discover that everyone is a possible suspect. We’re trying to puzzle all the information we receive to find the solution.

Martha, the one who cannot lie.

The leading role is played by Ana De Armas, who plays Martha, a nurse who Harlan hired for his medical issues. Not only is she a nurse, but she is also considered to be a part of the family. Harlan also demanded her to act as a family member instead of a staff member.

This character is exceptional for this movie because she cannot lie. If she does, she has to vomit because speaking the untruth, makes her uncomfortable. She is a positive attribute to Benoit Blanc to interrogate. All his questions will be answered with a clear answer.

Her not being able to lie is a nice feature of the film. I do not mind if someone has a specific characteristic that suits the movie. On the contrary, it adds something to its uniqueness.

Ana De Armas delivers excellent performance. She has a very innocent look in her eyes. As an audience, we get the feeling of being trapped in a combative family matter. Compared to the others, she is rather shy and distant. The rest have a kind of big personalities because of their success they had thanks to Harlan.


The tremendous house of Knives out

Let’s not forget about the set for this movie. This house is impressive, and it gives the look and feel of the entire genre. It’s big, full of warmth, the furniture is old and classy. This all reminds me of “Clue.”

For my part, they could have shot the entire movie in this house (with some change to the story). The parts outside were not that breathtaking to look at. I could compare it if you are going on a camp trip without a campfire. It just does not feel right. The parts inside give you that feeling of a “who has done it” movie.


I’ll propose Knives Out if you are looking to make that brain of yours work. It’s the right mixture between drama and humor. Yes, this movie has a lot of funny moments! It is not considered to be a comedy movie but expects some good laughs.

3.5 stars