A report came out that Todd Philips and his co-writer Scott Silver are returning to give us a sequel to his Joker movie. Will we have another look at the crazy mind of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Pheonix)?

In a variety report it states:

Insiders caution that the talks are very preliminary, no deal is in place, no storyline has been decided upon, and no script is currently being written.

Are we having a Joker sequel?

I think we can start to look forward to another Joker movie. The movie was the most profitable comic book movie because of its low budget. It only cost $60 million to make. So having them make a sequel makes sense. Although Todd stated that this movie was going to be a stand-alone movie. I’m still waiting for a first trailer as a confirmation because it is still just an announcement.

Do not expect Batman to be in it. The story will still be about the early days of the Clown Prince of crimes.

Another DC character origin for Todd Philips?

There were some speculations of Todd Philips having a new DC character project. According to an updated report of Variety, Todd is not exploring any origin for another  DC character.

Insiders shot down reports that Warner Bros. and DC are talking about having Phillips do origin stories for other comic-book characters, revealing what cracked on their trek to the dark side. Any ‘Joker’ follow-up will take years to pull off and DC has a busy slate.