The Second Sonic trailer has dropped recently. Or as I prefer to call it, the first “real” trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog!

I was very disappointed with the first one. It was not the design that was the biggest letdown for me but the entire “feel” of the previous trailer. It felt like a failed attempt to hit some laughs. It was not even funny …

The Sonic the Hedgehog trailer got me from “Uninterested” to “Super Excited”

The new, improved Sonic looked a thousand times better! I’m glad that some companies listen to their audiences. This proves that they are taking this very seriously. You can feel the passion and love they have for this project. This only increases my confidence in it being a good movie. This design is the real deal!

Even the look and feel of this trailer were totally different. This time it got me to laugh a couple of times. I’m looking forward to Jim Carrey as dr. Ivo Robotnik. That one joke with his Laté cracked me up!

Sonic playing against himself reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to play boardgames against myself. There are probably some of you that would recognize themselves.

Did this Sonic trailer convince you? Or were you already looking forward to seeing this movie?

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