Movie Plot – The story follows a mentally-ill man named Arthur Fleck, who wants to become a stand-up comedian. His life is a total mess and is going to the direction of crime and murder. This evil path is the creation of the Joker!

Director: Todd Phillips
Writers: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz

The first trailer sold me in an instance. As a big Batman fan, my favorite villain is the Joker, of course.  Usually, I dislike a Joker origin story because, for me, it’s a character where the origin is a mystery even for himself (but the movie surprised me about this one).

Arthur Fleck as Joker

This movie keeps you guessing about what will or will not happen. It makes you wonder when Arthur will eventually snap and become the insane Joker we all know. The beautiful part of this movie is that it’s open to interpretation. This interpretation aligns with my ideology of the Joker of him having a “multiple choice origin.” Different people can have different theories about this movie. And this is is just awesome.


The transformation of the character itself is astounding—Arthur Fleckstarts out as an insecure person who gets more and more confident. There is a specific event that happens in the movie that gives him the feeling that he has taken control of his life. This makes him feel powerful and confident. I love it when there is great character development in a movie. This movie is also only following Arthur’s perspective, which is great because you get into his mind.

It’s a truly Masterpiece, and I hope Joaquin Pheonix gets an Oscar nomination for this role because his acting skills were out of the roof for this one. It won’t amaze me if he does not get the nomination because of controversial reasons. Even after a couple of days, this movie will be stuck in your head.

I would recommend this movie to everyone!
(well maybe not for kids)