Movie Plot – IT Chapter 2

The movie starts out with a gay couple that are being harassed by a group.  They get beaten up really badly and one of them get thrown into the canal. As he’s drowning, he gets an helping hand of our favorite dancing clown “Pennywise”. Well maybe not an helping hand, because he gets killed by Pennywise ..

Mike finds out about this murder and quickly made the connection to Pennywise his return. He makes a call to gather the losers club to defeat this clown once again

Director: Andy Muschietti
Writers: Stephen King, Gary Dauberman
Cast: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader

I didn’t do a review about the first movie, so I’ll give my review for this one in a nutshell: I loved the combination of humor and horror in this movie.

Just a small note: I’ve never seen the old version of IT, so I knew little about the story.

Time to review IT: Chapter 2

ItChapter2.0I certainly love the mix of scares and laughs they’re using in this movie. One moment you’re laughing out loud, and afterward, you’re trying to look away. (well for me off course, I’m not that good with horror movies). Even though I  understand that this movie isn’t scary for some people, but for me, it certainly is!

They’ve used a lot of flashbacks in IT Chapter Two as expected to bring up the past with Pennywise. Although sometimes I felt that there were too many flashbacks, most of them (like 90%) didn’t bother me. There were some new flashbacks that we haven’t seen in the first movie about Pennywise his appearances. I did not expect seeing flashbacks when they were still kids, but I liked that they were an addition to the first story.

Pennywise revenge didn’t feel like he wanted to straight-up murder them but rather as someone who is playing with them. He’s doing all kind of a tease to make the loser club, even more, weak by making them more and more afraid.

Don’t watch it as a stand-alone movie 

You can perfectly watch the first movie separately, but you can’t view this one without combining it with the first one. This movie feels like it completes the first movie even more, but you can’t watch it as a stand all-one movie. I know It Chapter Two is not supposed to be a stand-alone. It is a direct sequel to the first one. What I mean is that I sometimes love sequels that you can also watch as their own movie without having to see the first one. But honestly, this is just a small nitpick.

This movie made me curious about the book. I’m not sure if I’m going to read it because I’ve heard Stephen King was on drugs while writing it. Well, it probably won’t bother me, but it’s the number of pages that scares me off a bit. It’s a pretty big book, so I’m pretty sure they left some parts out of it.