I would classify this movie as a lousy fun movie. It’s terrible but like in the right way. Sometimes I even wonder how they’ve come up with this idea of putting a famous football player on a planet called Mongo to save planet earth.

Everything that happens in this movie is just a big coincidence. Him getting on a plane that crashes at a Nasa-laboratory, and it just happens that there is a crazy scientist who wants to launch a rocket to protect the earth from an attack of the other world. But despite all that, you just accept it as the silly movie this is and should be. I rather have a funny film that embraces their silliness than an awful movie that is trying to be good.

What I really love about 80’s movies are the effects they use. It all looks so cheap, but at the same time, it’s gives the film some classic charm. And what is not to love about the use of real costumes. Some of them reminded me of Star wars like the guards dressed in red gave me a stormtrooper feeling.

Flash Gordon is one of the luckiest guys alive. Every time he’s in danger, something happens to his advantage. Any other guy would have been dead by now but not Flash because he’s the luckiest hero ever! And I’m not even mad!

And last but not least, the music is just fantastic. You can’t do no wrong with Queen producing the songs even if there were not a lot of lyrics.

Flash a-ah
Savior of the Universe
Flash a-ah
He’ll save every one of us

My rating for this movie: 6/10