Bryan Singer gave us a new x-men movie with a younger generation of mutants played by an original cast. I was gladly surprised by their choices and felt they were a good fit for their characters. Sophie Turner, as Jean Grey turned out to be better than expected, Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers just felt right. I wasn’t sure about nightcrawler, but even he fits the bill!

Oscar Isaac, as Apocalypse, was the right choice, although they could have made him bigger because he was rather small compared to some of the 4 horsemen.  As much as I love Oscar Isaac, I still have a slight feeling that they could have done a better job with this character. Apocalypse needs to be a more significant threat … If they had made 2 movies about him, that would have been better in my opinion …

The story about Magneto is just dark and gritty, just the way I like it. His story is the most interesting one for me personally because I want him as a character. Him turning bad again, just give you the chills. When he killed all of those men in the forest when his wife and kid got shot, you just could feel the anger, sadness, and frustration. Some part of me is just cheering for him. And Michael Fassbender is just fantastic by portraying this character so well.

And let’s talk about how amazing the Quicksilver scene. This one stole the show again, and it was even better than the previous one. I couldn’t stop laughing … The way he entered some rooms was just hilarious. This guy needs his own movie!

I kinda wished I didn’t know about Wolverine being in this movie … The scenes with him are still fantastic, but I just wanted I got surprised by this. This was 100 times better than the original film, and the little moment with Jean Grey makes this even better. It was actually crueler than expected, and this gives me higher hopes to get an R-rated Wolverine movie!

I didn’t really like that Jean Grey became the phoenix at the end, I wished that they kept the phoenix mode for another story where it would be better developed. It just felt out of place for me … but on the other hand, I kinda understand the decision so she could defeat apocalypse.

Overall I enjoyed this movie but thought the other 2 were better.

My rating for this movie: 6.75/10