Now you see me 2 is coming out soon and I still had to watch the first one. So I’ve decided to finally watch it at home.

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, but it actually worked for me. The movie ratings on rotten tomatoes got me a little bit worried. Sometimes you have to watch a film with an open mind without being influenced by the scores.

This movie was a lot of fun for me. I really had a blast with this one, and the magic tricks always seem to fascinate me. The magic tricks were great, and I loved how they explained it. Though some of the tricks were not really explained and you kinda have to accept it that they’re part of the movie.

There is quite a lot of talent in this movie, but Mark Ruffalo really stands out in this movie. Well everyone knows he’s a good actor, but this proves again how good of an actor he is. He was my favorite character. I only wanted to see him succeed.

I’m also a big fan of Jesse Eisenberg, I really like his awkwardness, but at the same time he got some “cool factor.” He’s the perfect mixture of those 2 attributes!

My final rating for this movie: 6,75/10 ( I honestly couldn’t decide between 6,5 or 7)

Now I’m ready and excited for “Now you see me 2”. Especially now that they’ve added Daniel Radcliffe to their casting.