Movie Plot – Warcraft: an orc is teaming up with humans to defeat the orc horde invasion on the planet Azeroth.

Director: Duncan Jones
Writers: Charles Leavitt, Duncan Jones
Cast: Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster

World of Warcraft

I want you guys to know that I was a fan of the game some years ago. Well, I’ve only played “World of Warcraft, even though I know the Warcraft games was the source material. 

As a fan, I was looking forward to it. I was pleased with it. Was it a great movie? No, but I enjoyed it, and although the movie critics are giving Warcraft bad ratings, I still believe it’s a good/decent movie. Just don’t compare it to Lord of the Rings, or else I think you will be disappointed.

Duncan Jones directed Warcraft, who I only heard good things about him. I’ve only seen “Moon” and thought it was an excellent movie, but Warcraft is still a different type of film, so I was still a bit doubtful if it was going to be any good. The trailers didn’t convince me, but in the end, the film turned out to be better than I expected.

Overall I loved the movie and the story they were going for, but these movies had its flaws. 

The pros

The orcs were the best thing about this movie. Durotan was my favorite character. He was the best-developed character and had some emotional value.

The conflicts between races were well fleshed out. Not only was it a conflict between the humans and the orcs as expected. There was also a conflict between the orcs. Durotan seemed to understand that, and that’s what made his character so enjoyable.

Warcraft had some cool battles.  I wouldn’t want to be smashed by one of those orcs. I loved their fighting style. They are brute and robust, not a race who you want to face.

Of course, you have magic in this magnificent world. Before entering the theater, I was afraid that the magic wasn’t going to work, but it did. I bought into it. I loved the spells. And,

the execution of it was perfect to my eyes.

And we got some lovely easter eggs. As a Warcraft fan, I was pleased with all the easter eggs. It gave me some nostalgia.

The flaws

The pacing was off. Sometimes it jumped from scene to scene. Although it’s a hard movie to pace because of all the different characters, I still believe it could have been better.

Some of the humans were miscast. I thought Ben Schnetzer wasn’t that great as Khadgar. I rather had someone else playing the role. Even Dominic Cooper, as the king wasn’t that great. It felt like he was wearing cosplay and wasn’t a fan of his performance. The biggest miscast, in my opinion, was Lothar’s son. He was just a “pretty” boy in a suit and couldn’t care less about his character.

I liked Lothar as a character but thought he lacked something. I kind of wished I was more attached than I was. Also, I didn’t buy any of his relationships with the other characters (Garona and his son).

What did you think about this movie? Good news, Warcraft is now watchable on Netflix.